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NAPPC is the most important project managed by the Pollinator Partnership.  It is a collaboration of individuals and organizations from all aspects of the pollinator issue.  Established in 1999, this group has worked tirelessly to promote and protect pollinators and the agricultural and ecological services they provide.

NAPPC works in coordination with existing local, national, and international pollinator protection plans that focus on individual species, genera, families, or classes of animals. The Campaign also coordinates with existing projects that address specific pollinator habitats or migratory corridors.

NAPPC complements these and other pollinator conservation efforts in that it:
Focuses on pollinator protection throughout the tri-national region comprised of the United States, Canada, Mexico.
Addresses a variety of species including invertebrates, birds, and mammals. NAPPC will coordinate with existing pollinator protection plans to avoid duplication, leverage existing resources to maximize effectiveness and where possible replicate proposals in new venues. The NAPPC Action Plan builds on current scientific research concerning pollinators and pollinator habitats and seeks to promote and support additional pollinator research.

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