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Pollinators 101 from The Tributary Fund on Vimeo.

How to Plant a Pollinator Garden from The Tributary Fund on Vimeo.


Pollinator Week 2011


Protecting Pollinators ~ Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

P2 Blogger Video

Pollinators At Risk ~ Assignment Earth

You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone

Audio artist Sarah Peebles visits the Audio Bee Booth prototype and its seasonal residents (solitary bees and wasps) at the Toronto Zoo's Educational Branch.

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Urban Wildflower Pollinator Meadow Garden

Pollinator Ringtones

These are actual sound recordings of various pollinators.

To get your own custom made bee buzzing, flapping , chirping ringtone, follow the below instructions:

1.) Choose a ringtone (click to preview play):

Honey Bee
Bumble Bee

2.) Right click the one you like and select "Save Link As". (Mac users: right click on link and select "Download Linked File As...").

2.) Save the file wherever you like on your computer.

3.) Once it is saved, follow this link Here you will follow the instructions provided to upload the ringtone you just saved. It will be sent via text to your phone. Enjoy!

*Myxer is the best way to get the stuff you want onto your mobile phone. They make it super easy for you to make custom ringtones and wallpapers from files you already have on your computer.

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