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The Pollinator Partnership has been awarded a USDA Montana Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Conservation Innovation Grant (CIG). The purpose of this project is to assess pollinator friendly plantings on Montana rangelands and farms for their impact on pollinator populating, to measure the success of educational outreach materials, and to increase best practices in Montana. 

The goals of this project are a specific assessment of theeffectiveness of the “Montana Native Plants for Pollinator-Friendly Plantings” in the state of Montana, to implement new approaches to maintaining and restoring pollinator habitat, and to improve plant biodiversity by means of increasing the number of beneficial pollinators to Montana farms and ranches.  The project is innovative in that a study to evaluate the impact of pollinator buffers has rarely been attempted. Moreover, the project has implications beyond Montana to other states.

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Phase I (PDF)
Phase II (PDF)