Plants for Pollinators!

In conjunction with Ohio Prairie Nursery, we've designed a wildflowers only packet that will thrive and attract pollinators all season long.

This seed mix has been designed for situations where first year color is desired and contains only wildflowers and no grass component. Year one will be mainly annuals but provide pollinators a much needed place to land. Year two will see some annuals, biennials and perennials, and by year three a beautiful mix of perennials will bloom all season and provide a healthy and sustainable area for pollinators. This mix can be used alone, over existing grass plantings or combined with any of Ohio Prairie Nursery's grass only mixes.

By clicking on the graphic below you will be redirected the Ohio Prairie Nursery’s website. From there, you can order seeds with a preassigned promo code and any items purchased with that promo code will help raise funds for Pollinator Partnership programs. We thank you for your support – Happy planting!

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Ohio Prairie Nursery has been producing native seed since 1998. Ohio Prairie Nursery goes to great lengths to assure you the highest quality seed available. All of their seed is tested for germination, purity, inert matter, other seed content and noxious weed seed content and labeled in compliance with the seed laws of the State of Ohio.

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